Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Belated Major Award

While I was at work yesterday I received a phone call from D. Vandevelde and he told me that he had an award for me.  I was somewhat surprised to hear that he would have something for me.  I was even more surprised when I went to the lobby of building 7601 to meet him and get the award.


He handed me a folder and a little  case.  He told me, "This is a little old, but L. Edinburg wants you to have it.

 I opened the folder to find inside, not one, but two certificates with Tribute to Excellence awards.  One award from the Waco site, ....

 ... and one award from the L-3 IS group.  Too bad this was almost three years after the fact.  I wonder what could have happened to shake this out of the cobwebs at work.

 The coin is interesting.  

I would like to have been recognized back when this was awarded.


  1. Better late than never? Sorry it took so long. Quick recognition is easier on the soul.

  2. Congratulations, Larry. Any recognition is better than none.....


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