Monday, January 11, 2010

The power of prayer

Last night I woke in the middle of the night with a horrible dream going on in my mind. It believe it was the worst I have ever had. If it was a movie it would be rated terrible. I can't say "R" because I don't know what they are like. But it was a vicious dream. People were doing terrible things to each other and they were very angry while they were doing it. I was frightened.

Since my dreams tend to just keep going on after I wake and try to return to sleep and get back in bed I was concerned about this story continuing. I didn't want this to continue. The next part was predictable and I didn't want to see it. My thought was instantly, pray. I got up and prayed. I pleaded in my prayer that this dream would not continue. I wanted to sleep not dream this horror. My pray was answered as soon as my head was down. Other things came into my mind like songs I usually reserve for hard times. And with that song running and finishing, another song came. It lasted long enough for me to be asleep. That dream has not come back. I still remember where it left off but it hasn't continued and it doesn't occupy my mind.
I am so grateful for my belief in the power of prayer and how it blesses my life not just for this past night but for all of the other times as well. I am grateful my heavenly Father listens to me and answers my prayers. I also was prompted to be more careful in what I put into my mind through visual ways.


  1. Glad it went away, lovely testimony. xoxo

  2. I too am grateful for the power of prayer.


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