Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Toastmasters Major Award

I did it. I earned the Advance Communicator Silver award in our local club of Toastmasters International. Below is a photograph of the letter of commendation and below that the certificate of recognition.

I will continue to work toward getting my Advance Communicator Gold. I have but 2 more awards to earn before I have completed enough to become a Distinguished Toastmaster.

I am the president of Waco Wordsmiths for another six months. As a club we were one speech away from having been awarded the president select club distinction award. Maybe in the next year we will improve our club and earn that highest distinction.


  1. Congratulation! I would like to hear your speeches, but, I am too far away. I am proud of you for the effort you put into being a better person. I love you Mom

  2. Larry, are all of your awards "Major" awards?

    Congratulations on your award. I really admire your ability to commit to something and stick with it. I also have enjoyed your talks that you have shared.

  3. Kent,

    All awards I receive are major. I a shelf in the back with some of them that I cherish from my children.


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