Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The last Hope Chest

Several years ago for Christmas I bought some plywood and other supplies to make hope chests for the the three girls. Debra received hers first. Julie received hers last year. This year I finally finished the last chest for Anita.

Here Jeanette is sitting in the shop next to the parts that were cut and near ready to assemble.

A closer view.

And the assembly.

Then for the finish; Danish Oil and Satin Wax.

Unfortunately I did not get a photograph of the finished product before we delivered it. Maybe Anita can provide a photograph back.


  1. What a talented brother I have!
    Good work Larry!

  2. From what I can see it is beautiful. You're a very gifted craftsman. I hope this means you're back in Waco... I've missed the Vance family.


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