Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Major Scout Award

A few years ago I was the Scoutmaster in my ward. The boys and I went to camp at Camp Tahuaya near Temple. The Senior Patrol Leader was Kevin McCann. On the first day of camp Kevin was not very interested in staying another day. Mark Jacobson was there to help with the camp. He convinced Kevin to stay another day. Kevin stayed. When Friday rolled around and it was time to go home Kevin was sad and wanted to stay longer. I think in the long run it was an experience that he will remember.

One of those days I came back into camp and found that the inside of the tent where I had my gear and I slept was covered with "Silly String". I was not pleased and figured that it was a conspiracy. I retaliated by going around the campsite and pulling all the stakes out of the tents in the campsite. As I was in the process of carrying out my revenge, Kevin came into camp and confessed that he was the one who sabotaged my tent. I had him clean it up and then I had to eat some humble pie and put back up some of the other tents.

Last week Kevin had his Eagle Court of Honor. Kevin gave me the pin noted above in recognition of the contribution that I gave him in scouting. His mother informed me that Kevin wanted to tape it to a can of silly string. I did make an acceptance speech.

"This makes up for the silly string in my tent."

It was nice to see Kevin receive his Eagle badge.

Eric has sent his papers to Hurst Texas to the scout office to be reviewed. We are waiting for his board of review to be set.

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