Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Easter Morn

Easter it appears is here to stay
With bunnies and baskets galore.
Then chocolate and grass and a whole bunch more
To entice us away from the Man.

The Man that we know is from Galilee.
Where he taught, and he healed, and he died.
The man we call Jesus, who came to redeem us
And rose on that first Easter morn.

I love the Good Shepherd of long, long ago.
Yes, Easter is here to stay.

Jeanette Cheshire Vance
March 2009


  1. Nice poem. Happy Easter. We miss you all.

  2. I did a comment but I forgot to sign in and it went away. Happy Easter. I love Easter because it is to celebrate the atoning sacrifice of our dear Savior. He payed the highest price for us that could be payed. He payed with his pain and love enough to give His life for us. Thank you Jeanette.


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