Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today Eric is gone to TSTC (Texas State Technical College) for a Boy Scouts of America merit badge college. They did not camp out last night, but left this morning to do the merit badges. Jeanette and I were left here home alone. I took a movie and relaxed. Jeanette suggested that I take her to lunch...Chinese.

Now I am ready for the world because I know the secret to success.

I ate too much but the food was OK. The company was great too.

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  1. I forgot to sign in and lost the comment. Here goes again. Larry and Jeanette. I have loved your books and feel that they are great history. They have made me laugh and cry. I enjoy your poetry and the stories of your children. I feel your great love and caring about your family. I know that the day will come when all of these things will be so precious to your children. I love the blog and miss it when you don't tell stories or feelings. Keep it up. I love all of you with all of my heart. Mom


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