Saturday, April 4, 2009

Neko is missing

Last week sometime our cat, Neko, was banned from the house. She was behaving as if she wasn't litterbox trained. So outside she was now to stay. We have a screened in porch with food, water, shelter, and box for her. It has been this was for six plus years. She knows all about the porch and what is there for her.

Now that she was banned from the house I discovered that she preferred to be out of the porch more than before the ban. It was hours and hours before she would meow at the door to be let in from the big wide outdoors for some food and water.

She no longer comes to the door seeking food, water and shelter. It has been more than 24 hours since any of us have seen her.

We are wondering where she is and if she is.


  1. She has not come back. I thought I saw her once when it was dark over in the Chapman Farms neighborhood. I resorted to giving away the cat food and clean litter.


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