Friday, April 3, 2009


Surprise! A blog post from Jeanette

A few weeks ago I mentioned to Larry that I wanted a new dress for Easter. I told the story that I remember always having a new dress for Easter and Christmas when I was a little girl. He told me to go and do it. Even get two or three. I informed him that that many were not necessary. Buying a dress has been on my list for many, many days. I finally did it today. I disobeyed Larry. I got four new dresses. I suspect Larry will be firing up the camera to take photos of me in my new dresses. I'll try to look pretty.

I am excited to have something new. Most of my dresses I have had for about four years. Wearing a dress everyday for seminary takes a toll on them. There are at least two that are leaving the house for sure.

Well it was fun to go shopping. Thanks Larry. You are generous and loving


  1. I'm looking forward to the pictures.

    How are you enjoying teaching seminary? I taught one quarter in Manassa and one in Sanford right after I got home from my mission. It was a challenge to be going to school and try to keep up with studies, but I really enjoyed it.

    There was a seminary teacher that taught me a lesson that I shall never forget. She was wearing a pretty frilly white blouse and all through the morning she was figiting with it. Before the end of the class, she took off her blouse and had a tee shirt underneath that she had stained with mustard and ketchup. It was an object about hiding what we are like inside. It left a lasting impression.

  2. I sure hated wearing dresses every day when I was on my mission. In fact I would wear spandex pants underneath so I felt like I was wearing pants. However one day my slip slid right to my ankles because they were both silky.(spandex and slip) And I was in a non-members home. I took off the slip while the parents were talking with the other missionary. I was visiting a different area (thank heavens) with a different companion. The children were looking at me like I was taking off my underwear. I tucked the ol'slip in my pocket. Talk about embarrassing. I wish I had a few new dress, especially since I don't have to wear them daily.

  3. I think that is nice, I hardly ever buy a new dress. All of mine are old and I think I would like to buy one, but I don't like to shop. Enjoy your dresses. I enjoy wearing a dress sometimes. I think women have done away with dresses as a rule. Dresses are more feminine.

  4. Yea, Jeanette! I can't wait to see them all. I'll be looking for the new ones! I don't know why having new clothes makes you feel good, but it does. I know when I think I look good, I automatically feel good. Sadly, the opposite is true, too. Perhaps I'm a little vain...

  5. How nice for you to beable to get something that you have wanted. This one really looks nice!

  6. I almost said something on Wednesday when I saw you in your cute black with white polka dots, but I with held. Shame on me. You looked great! Fun times= new dresses.


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