Monday, April 27, 2009


Like most things in my life, I have trouble thinking small to start. I jump in with both feet and hope things turn out well.

Saturday evening Jeanette and I hosted some of the people I work with for some smoked meat and pot luck.

The smoker was working all Friday afternoon delivering up some smoked chickens.

... 4 of them.

Jeanette was diligent in helping get things set up.

I am glad that only a portion of the people accepted the invitation to come. We would have been overwhelmed. Thank goodness for being an underachieved overachiever.


  1. It was indeed a nice evening. Nice people to speak with. Nice weather to help the little children play in the yard. Delicious meat prepared by Larry. Thanks honey. Without you I would have no social life.

  2. So are you starting a recipe book for using a home made smoker?

  3. I do not have a recipe book.
    Me, I hope you do not wish to hook,
    with writing out a recipe book
    I do not use them when I cook.

  4. The chile salsa was the very best,
    It was better than all the rest!
    If you want you can perform the test,
    Then you will see that I do not jest.


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