Friday, August 15, 2008

Slorgy in 08

I have the evidence here that Slorgy did in fact touch in before Phelps.

Debra provided us with this photographic evidence.

Then here we have Jeanette getting ready to practice her frying pan backhanded shot. Just look at the intensity on her face.

Eric must be planning for the future when they might implement ninja moves in the olympic games.


  1. we were watching the olympics as Phelps got his most recent gold medal. It looked like he was second to me!

  2. I heard on the news today that the wall has a device that they believe is accurate, so the wall will take the credit for the win. It probably won't be changed. I hope he wins tonight so if it was wrong, there will be 7 earned medals. He is really a great swimmer. Phelps will probably be celebrated for all future.

  3. Did you see Torres? I think that extra half stroke just took both the gold medalist to the wall faster. Torres and Slorgy?? did more coasting. Torres looked ahead too and she has the silver!
    BTW, I just got home yesterday and Jeanette sent me a beautiful blanket for our baby! Thank you so much, you didn't need to do that Jeanette! A huge thank you again for your kindness!

  4. I did see the finish of both the Torres and the Phelps photo finishes. I agree with the judges in both cases. It was amazing that the US was able to pull off two of the victories that they did for the Phelps quest. They had to dig very deep to win both of them. I find it inspiring.

    Dara Torres came close.

  5. I totally look like a ninja in that last one.

  6. Eric,

    The glasses must go if you are to be more of a ninja.


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