Friday, August 15, 2008


I distressed for days over what I should get Jeanette for her birthday. On her birthday I told her that we could go shopping for a curio cabinet on Saturday. We went and looked, and looked and looked and bought a curio cabinet.

I think she likes it.

It is now filled with the trinkets that have been collected over the years. Each of our children have something in the cabinet.

We also found a place for the cross-stitch on the wall.


  1. Larry said this is the only piece of furniture we have that he likes. I wonder if this means that there is more new furniture on his mind and in his budget. Maybe for his birthday in OCT?

  2. New things are always a nice addition to one's home.

    I notice your kids school pictures on the wall behind you. It's hard to believe that they are all complete. I've been trying to find frames for our grandchildrens' pictures. I have missing years in the ones I do have.

  3. I must add a correction to what Jeanette said about liking the furniture. I do like some of our furniture. The family room where we have the three computers, a wooden frame couch, and a humongous crude entertainment center, this new piece of furniture makes everything in that room not look as good.

    I like our couch. It needs some new cushions. I would like to rework our entertainment system. It is amusing how sometimes an idea does not translate into reality as it was originally inspired.

    The recliner has never matched the other items. The carpet was old when we moved into the house. It was old in time and old in our appreciation, because it is the same pattern of carpet we had in other residences. There must have been a great sale on it some time in the past.

  4. Jeanette your cabinet is very pretty! how nice!


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