Friday, August 22, 2008

Old Poem (21 Jan 2006)

The first day came and went -- that's Sunday.
A talent show Mike Estrada holler, Hey!
We need people to perform you see,
We need talents, please help me.

I told Mike a poem I would try.
I said a poem recite would I.
Then my thoughts began to grow.
What kind of poem should I bestow?

Help I needed to make anew
A poem that I could share with you.

I struggled with what I should say.
I thought about it every day.
No keen thoughts came to me
But I am here as you can see.

Debra said that it should rhyme,
And Eric said to keep good time.
Should I do a limerick or an ode?
I was stuck in that same old mode.

Then it came to me what I should do.
I should tell this tale to you.

And end the phrases with A E I O U.

What were the things that I should say?
How could I let all that time away?
Jeanette said she would come hear me,
Then I knew the poem made should be.

Saturday was more than nigh,
The poem's empty page there did lie.
To the church house I did go,
Family History was going slow.

I had some thoughts for Scouting too,
We are going to go someplace new.

Then I realized something true,
The thing that brought me through was A E I O U

Just when you thought I would go away,
I determined more poem to say.
The definition of the a poem be,
Words that convey emotions from me.

The unabridged dictionary did try
To say a poem can't be dry.
So maybe you may say no
This poem has to go.

Every word I told to you
Conveys something that is true.
And it rhymes with A E I O U.

I am glad I am here today.
I would not have it another way.
Above the ground I like to be,
As your faces I can see.

With word and thoughts I can try
To evoke emotions or make you cry.
Even though this poem is quite slow
My love of you I'll try to show.

Your heart knows what is true,
You know that I do love you.

But what am I to say?
Please don't just go away!
My family, friends, and neighbors be!
Sometimes see me gleefully!

My wife is wise -- O my, O my!
You just give your poem a try!
Just let the words from you flow,
Write them down and there you go.

My feeling got me through,
Along with A E I O and YOU.

Just when you thought he's none to say,
One more set of rhymes I play.
My family is most precious to me.
I thank the Lord most graciously!

With His will I scarcely comply,
But all the time I still try.
Jeanette my wife He did bestow,
My precious family He let me know.

If my pride I can subdue,
I can see the Lord with you.
One more set of A E I O U.

I think that we are on the way
To making this a better day.
By trying hard, both you and me,
The Lord will bless as you can see.

So all of us please let us try,
To get to that place on high.
Then our God we will know,
And his mercy to us will show!

As you know that this is true.
I can stop my rhymes of AEIOU!


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today.
    I know just exactly what you say.
    Reading your poem has helped me see
    The kind of man I'd like to be.
    I'll keep my focus fixed on high
    To help my family is the reason why.
    I try to teach them the things I know
    I'll try to live so as to show
    The things that we all must do
    So that we can be close to you.
    How'd I do with A E I O U?

  2. You both out did what I could do,
    With a poem about A E I O U!


  3. I plan to do a dramatic reading some time in Toastmasters.


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