Sunday, August 24, 2008

All Choked Up

There have been some definitive times in my life when I have been reminded of my mortality. When I was young I had a feeling of invincibility. Those days are gone.

Yesterday I was eating some watermelon and making one liners from the sink as Jeanette and Debra sat at the table. I laughed at the wrong time and choked on a piece of watermelon. I headed to the sink and was able to cough it up. I could see the face of concern on Jeanette's face. It was not pleasant, but I was not afraid at any time, I just had to clear up the problem. All is well with that.

Today we came home from church and on the way home we decided we would have sandwiches for lunch. Jeanette began gathering all the components for sandwiches and placed them on the table. We congregated at the table, prayed, and began to construct our individual masterpieces.

Jeanette was telling us about her experience at yesterday's Seminary Seminar in Austin. I don't remember exactly what it was that happened, but I was munching down on my cheese and meat sandwich and I laughed and choked. This time the choking was serious. I had inhaled a bite of my sandwich and could not cough it up because my lungs were devoid of air. I stood and attempted to breath in more air. I could not. I was truly choking.

I stood at the table and leaned back and inhaled a small amount of air as a horrendous sound emitted from my esophagus. I wheezed in enough air to allow me to now cough up the piece of sandwich. I could see the horror on the faces of those around me as I was standing there choking. I stood there and heard Jeanette tell about new nightmares she will now have. I am sorry about that Jeanette, but I was a bit worried myself.

Maybe I need to quit laughing when food is involved.

We need a new state slogan:



  1. You'll have to tell your family that there should be no jokes or humor while you have your mouth full.

    Take care of yourself.

  2. Inhaling and semi-chewing or something like that can get a person in trouble. This reminded me of a story of Don. the Hansens were visiting and we were eating some food with chicken. I didn't get all the bones and while Don was eating he inhaled a bone which got stuck in his throat. We went to the hospital. They said they couldn't do anything that we needed to go to St. George. the grandkids and daughter were worried about him. So we were going to make a quick trip home before going. We called a friend to come give him a blessing before we went too. After that we got in the car to go to St. Geo, Don coughed really good and the bone came up! There is power in the priesthood blessing which he received that asked the Lord that the bone come up with ease! It can be a scary thing for all.

  3. I blogged about our family choking a while ago! Check out our funny and scary storys. I do suggest no laughing with food for you. You might kill Jeanette before you go!

  4. Our time here on earth as a mortal is very temporary. Be careful and keep yourself well and happy. I do love you and would be as frightened as your family if you did not recover from such an incident. Take care of yourself in every way so you can take care of your family. You are needed and loved very much...Mom


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