Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Creative Husband

Larry fussed a little about me decorating a binder clip with paper and ribbon. He likened it to parsley on your dinner plate. I think he was teasing just a bit. I hope so because it was a very cute clip and makes a great stand for a photo, recipe card, or even a thought card. I sent it to Julie.

When you look around our home you will see that he is the one that is the true craftsman. He made all of these things.

Thank you Larry for the beautiful items that dress our home. They are heirlooms to be cherished.


  1. Something made for me is more meaningful than something that is bought for me. I know that Betty enjoys the box Larry made for her when we came to visit. I have a piece of Larry's metal sculptues that is one of my treasures.

    I have also enjoyed the things Jeanette has made for us. Betty and I each have a quilt that Jeanette made for us.

    Thank you for sharing the creative things you do.

  2. Looks like this post has been improved. In my frustration with learning something new I gave up for a while. Looks like I won't have to learn any more. It gets fixed by someone else that must know more and doesn't get frustrated.

  3. I get frustrated when I look at a comment I made that contains misspellings and errors. I don't know how to fix them.

  4. It seems the best way to get a comment corrected is to delete the original and write a new version.

  5. That's what I do. And because I am as lazy as I am, I copy the one that has the error and paste it into the new comment. That allows me to correct it before I submit, and I don't have to retype what I did before if it was a long comment.


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