Friday, August 1, 2008

Monthly Update

Debra is now home from her stint at BYU Idaho. It went very quickly. She left some of her belongings at Julie's place and came home on an airplane. Debra is seeking gainful employment.

Eric is still working on his Eagle rank in Boy Scouts of America. Eric has a small job mowing lawn for a friend of the family while they are out of town. He also had a little job taking care of some dogs.

I am the recipient of another major award.

If you notice the date on this award you will note that I have been anxiously awaiting for it to be delivered. The award for last years participation has not yet been given.

Jeanette received her very own award for her participation in Engineer Week.

The start of school and seminary is just a month away.

It is hot. The past week has been in the 100 degree range. It is nice to be indoors. Our lawn and garden are languishing from the heat and lack of water. It rained a bit last night, but it was very noisy with thundering.


  1. It has been hot here in Colorado. We have topped records that are over 100 years old. We have had weeks of temperatures near the 100s. Everything is drying out and trees are actually dropping leaves early. We are hoping to see rainfall soon.

    Debra, what are your plans?

  2. It is cooler here today. We received some rain. The lake in the back yard is on the return.


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