Monday, July 28, 2008

Yeah, Yea, Yay ?

After posting Yeah Debra, I was informed that I had used the yeah word wrongly.

I have always believed that yeah was something like hurray, that's great, I am so excited. So when challenged I went straight to our dictionary. We have a very tattered, dirty, and well used Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary copywrited 1984. It has been a reliable dictionary for decades.

I informed the challenger that Yay isn't even in this very used dictionary.

My scripture reading recently has given me the opportunity to see the word yea used often.

In my scrapbooking blogging looking I see Yay very often.

So did I really use Yeah wrong? And what do all of these words mean, how are we supposed to use them, and why do they all get said the same way?

I decided to go a little more modern in my quest for an answer. I went to the www. Found a dictionary. Below is what I found out.

yeah –adverb
Informal var. of yea or yes

yea –adverb
Yea, and he did come.
not only this but even: a good, yea, a noble man.
an affirmation; an affirmative reply or vote.

yay (yā) –interjection
Used as an exclamation of pleasure, approval, elation, or victory.

Well I hope this helps you. Have a great day.


  1. Thank you Jeanette. I learned something new from this.

  2. I'll understand my scripture reading better, and I'll enjoy a good yay now and then.

  3. So does this mean your post should have been "Yay, Debra" ?

  4. My interpretation of what Jeanette meant is

    Yeah, Yay, Debra, Yea!

  5. Brandy is probably right according to the definitions. But yay looks so weird to me. Maybe I'll just say it from now on. Then I'll never get the spelling wrong. And you all can think of the word you want to.

  6. Maybe you just need to use some other interjections, such as







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