Sunday, July 6, 2008

School Pictures

Lots of people may not know that I really like to take pictures. Here are some of my favorite ones I've taken here so far.

This was part of a sign I saw on the way to the library. I like photographic abstration too.

This was a just a chair I found in the garage, and I thought ti looked cool.

I get to see this every day as I walk to school. That's my favorite part.


  1. It's beautiful. I like you eye for details. Have you taken pictures of roomies and your place? Love, MOM

  2. You lucky lucky girl. Can I please live vicariously through you? Miss ya.

  3. The inanimate and abstract is fine, but I prefer a little bit of something of which I can relate. It would be nice to see some pictures of you, your friends, campus, what you eat, your books, your clean room, etcetera.

  4. Beautiful pics, Debra! We're in Logan with Carston at EFY and enjoying some similar views. We love it up here!

  5. Thanks, "The Works". :) Hooray for the north and dryer weather. I'm back home now, with the hot weather and cicadas, but I love it here too.


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