Monday, July 7, 2008

Mid-Year Status

For FHE the activity fell to me,
So this poem you get to see.
We tried to make it match the meter,
And rhyming made it sound sweeter.
For 2008 our half year report,
Because of time we kept it short.


Quietly came the New Year.
Come and hear the school choir here.
Seminary is early.
Debra tutored boy, burly.
Boy scouts, boy scouts, OH HOW GREAT!
Scout camp meals are not too great!
Ink, paper, ribbon relate.

Science project second place.
Debra's eighteen year old face.
Bradly's two and he likes cars.
Dinner group for(1) Larrys are.
Go to the dance Debra Vance.
New York trip, we took a chance.
The ward choir half made of Vance.

Missionaries like to eat.
UIL(2) a tearjerk feat.
Stamping, my hand is cramping.
Three children graduating.
Julie twenty three orange(3).
Brina twenty five purple(4).
Pizzaz(5) mining for silver(6).

Debra went with two to prom.
Luke was born in May like mom.
Eric fourteen has(7) mustache.
B Y U I Debra cash.
Vance family reunion.
Anita is twenty one.
Grandpa's beard is not quite done(8).

1. My name is Larry and I invited three other men with the name of Larry to join with us in doing dinner once each on subsequent months. The four Larrys and their wives met to share time and food.
2. UIL -- University Interscholastic League for competitions of choirs and other activities. Eric related that the choirs from Midway Middle School did so well that the judges gave them a standing ovation and one of the judges was teared up.
3. Nothing rhymes with orange
4. Nothing rhymes with purple
5. PIZZAZ is the talent show for the Midway Middle School. Eric participated with his class choir.
6. Nothing rhymes with silver
note: since nothing rhymes with orange or purple or silver, then they all rhyme by logical deduction
7. It is more like a shadow, but if he drinks milk you can see that there is actually hair there. If you get close and look intently you can now see that it has a dark tone.
8. Santa Claus is getting an early start.


  1. Half of a year sounds simple, but there was a lot of happenings. Graduations, grandchild reunion, visit with siblings, many things to put in your history. Most important of all is the love of all of those you have in your life. Keep up the good work.

  2. I like your beard. Keep it up and you'll be just like the oak from which fell the acorn.

  3. I am beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go.

  4. I am beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go.

  5. So are you raising a chin crop?

  6. Twice today people asked me if I was trying to be Santa for Christmas.

    The answer is yes.

  7. You would make a good Santa Clause.

    Just don't go out and buy a ton of coal.

  8. I won't need a ton of coal, a few pounds will suffice.


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