Friday, July 4, 2008


Over the years I have received or made T-shirts associated with family reunions. This first T-shirt is from the Dunn family reunion that was held at the cabin up Conejos Canyon. That was 18 years ago.

This is the back of that same T-shirt.

And here you can see that this is not the only copy that existed.

This shirt is not technically a T-shirt, but Jeanette and I designed it for our Gatha and Arlo Reunion that we had a couple years ago.

And here is Marcy playing the candy bar game making the shirt look good.

One year we made two shirts, one not being a T-shirt again. We studied about the Vance family and found a Vance family crest. We modified it slightly and added our own features.

This was not a reunion T-shirt, but is similar to one that I made several years ago. We bought a color printer and some iron-on transfers. We edited peoples pictures from when they were young, and added a caption -- "Have you seen this child?"

This T-shirt is of me and Debra when we went to "bring your child to work day" at AT&T.

Here you can see just a portion of the name on caption as it is modeled by Kent.

And here is the best looking shirt of them all.

One year we all made our own tie-dyed t shirt.

There was also the dirty hands tshirts.

One year we all had custom shirts with numbers from 1 to 9. I had number 1, Jeanette had number 2, Arlo had number three, and so forth.

And then this year we wore something a little simpler with just the text shown below.


  1. I like the shirts, I like the way that you displayed them on the blog. Thank you so much. You have really done your part well. I love all of you Mom


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