Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Water, water

When we were investigating our move to the Waco area back in 2002, Jeanette and I made a trip to Waco to look at houses. I had come for an interview previously. There was one thing that really did stand out about Waco. The water was stinky. It smelled like an algae bloom that had putrefied. We took showers and came out smelling like -- well not a rose.

We bottled some of the water and took it home with us to Littleton. We took enough that the children could taste the water. They all hated it except Brian. Brian said that it was no big deal.

We decided to avoid the Waco water by buying a home in Hewitt. One of the things we sought was acceptable water (and high speed internet too). We thought we were safe in Hewitt because they had their own water supply and pumped their water from deep in the ground. We tried the water and liked it.

One day we decided to go eat at a restaurant in Waco. I asked if they had Waco water. I was informed that they indeed did have water from the Waco system, but it was filtered and would be good. She was wrong. The water was disgusting.

We found that Hewitt supplements their water supply with Waco water when the demand is high. The demand is now high. Our water stinks. Our water tastes like -- well not rose water. That reminds me of when the filters that were in the water supply for the church in the small room at the front of the chapel were removed so they could be replaced. The water was stinky and it was not filtered.

Jeanette bought a Brita water pitcher. She let me try the water. It was wonderful.


  1. Brita Filters ARE wonderful. Costco has them on their coupon sale now. I'm getting a new one tomrrow because our's has a crack and leaks a puddle everywhere I set it! Our water from the tap tastes like swimming pool water. Yuck!

  2. We have been regularly using our Brita pitcher. The water tastes better that way.


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