Monday, April 28, 2008

The trip

Jeanette and I traveled to Salt Lake City so we could witness the graduation ceremonies of Craig and Arlo. The travel there was fairly uneventful. We flew from Waco to DFW and then on northwest to Salt Lake. On the way we could look out the windows and recognize landmarks along the way. This is a shot of the Spanish Peaks between Trinidad and Alamosa.

And this is a picture of Mount Blanca.

And the Great Sand Dunes National Monument.

And the Colorado River.

And once again.

The ride back was by a more southern route. We did not get pictures, but we could recognize some of the landmarks then too. We saw Sandia Peak and the Rio Grande. Then there was the barren land of New Mexico and then the panhandle. We followed the Red River and went into DFW. The trip to Waco was a bit more bumpy and visibility was low. It is so much easier to travel by plane than car.


  1. Totally weird river. Had no idea.

  2. I miss Mount Blanca and the Sand Dunes, but there's not much reason to back there any more.

    How long did your trip take you?

  3. We left Waco, Texas at about 7 in the morning and arrived at SLC around noon. That was with a 2 hour layover in DFW.

    The trip was quick.

  4. I enjoyed the picture of Mt. Blanca too.


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