Monday, April 28, 2008

Arlo's Graduation

It was easy to see that Arlo's graduation was done by the Arts Department. They were late for the start, and things were very informal and they celebrated. Arlo had some of his work displayed in the Harris Fine Arts Center before graduation.

We arrived in Provo to have a dinner with Arlo the night before graduation. It was provided by his college. Julie, Clint, and Leslie came with us and we met Arlo on campus. We were informed that before dinner they would have a little slide show presentation in the Maeser Building.

We hiked across half of campus to the Maeser Building and had to search for the place where the presentation was to be done. We went into the lecture hall that had two floors. We sat in the upper deck. We sat there waiting for the festivities to begin. We waited. We were told that the people with the presentation were on their way. We waited. They gave the speeches first.

Finally the presentation arrived. They had to fiddle with the audio-visual equipment to get it going. And viola, the presentation started about an hour late. Some of it was interesting. Some of it was only understood by the insiders.

After the presentation we headed back over the HFAC for dinner. The Indian Cuisine was pretty good.

The next day we headed back down to Provo for the graduation ceremony. Arlo had some of his work that shown in the graduation presentations. It was nice to see his work. I have always liked Arlo's artwork.


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