Monday, April 28, 2008

Amazing boy

It has been a week since the last post on our BLOG. This is the longest spell we have had for a while where we have not posted something.

I had the opportunity to be with Bradly James Vance. His the most amazing runner I have ever seen. He is 2 years of age. We went to the Marriott Center for Craig's graduation ceremony. We spent most of the afternoon in getting his cap and gown, waiting, and finally have the ceremony. Bradly came a little later with his mother, Brina. She handed Bradly to me and headed outside with Craig to take some pictures. We sat together and played a little. He was good for a while.

When Brad started to fuss about the time Craig was going to graduate I took Brad outside so his mother could concentrate on the graduation ceremony. We went outside. He ran. Anita called my cell phone while we were out and noted that I was panting heavily. Brad was tough to catch. He ran and ran and ran.

He is an amazing runner for 2.


  1. It's fun to get to see pictures of your grandchildren. Time goes so quickly and they are really growing.

  2. I have seen pictures of them as they have been growing, so they did not look too much bigger than I expected, but we do not interact with them that often, so we had to get to know them a little. I love my grandchildren. They are super. All three of them.

  3. I am so glad to get some news of Arlo and Craig's graduation. The grandchildren are growing up without my knowing either of them. I have never seen Leslie. Erma called me and said that she saw Arlo's art work. She had two from her family graduating at the same time. Lorraine's son Jordan and his wife both graduated the same day. I am so proud of Arlo and Craig for their achievements. Thank you for the pictures. It does help to know all of your family. I love all of you.


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