Thursday, April 3, 2008

Monthly update

You turn around and another month has just zipped past. Here it is April. You may have noticed that I posted a short article on April 1st. There were a couple frantic phone calls here that Jeanette took from people that were concerned. I am glad to know that there are a couple people that care about us that much.

Jeanette has been busy with her seminary responsibilities and with the domestic duties here in our domicile. Sometimes it seems like a thankless job to just plod on day by day. Thank you Jeanette for all you do here at home. I am also sure that there are some seminary students that appreciate the efforts you expend on preparing lessons for them.

Debra purchased a bolt of fabric to fashion a dress for Prom. She has been invited to the Midway Prom and to Robinson Prom. She doesn't say much about it, but I think she is excited. She is also making preparations to leave home. A couple times I have joked with her about she has been accepted to college so she doesn't have to expend so much effort in high school. She insists that she still wants to perform her responsibilities in school.

Eric has a new Wii game because he negotiated down from getting a table tennis table. He decided that a game for the Wii was just as good as a table. He was promised a table tennis table when he finished his Eagle Scout Project. He received the final signature a few weeks ago. I finally paid up tonight with Super Paper Mario for the Wii. Yesterday Eric participated in a choir competition where they were given highest honors. He said that a couple of the judges gave them a standing ovation. He said a couple of the judges were crying.

I have been busy at work with lots of little things. I am also teaching a couple noontime classes at work. I was the Toastmaster today in our Waco Wordsmiths meeting. We are working on the fishing merit badge in scouts.


  1. It sounds like things are moving along in your household.

    Debra, I can hardly believe that you are ready to leave home. What would you like for graduation. I don't know your likes and wants. Please let me know. It sounds like you are having a good time (two proms)! Wow!. Have fun.

    Eric, I don't understand the games you play, but have fun. It sounds like choir is a great experience for you. I feel that I don't know each of you like I want to. I love each of you.

    Larry, What kind of class are you teaching? I would like to hear you give a speech. It sounds like all of you are growing in many ways. I am proud of you. Mom

  2. Eric, I am really proud of you to do your eagle project. I worked in scouting long enough to know how much work goes into earning your eagle badge. You are a very special young man. Did you wreck a car or was that just an example of what can happen? Grandma Gatha

  3. The post about Eric driving and all that other stuff was on April Fools Day.


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