Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A bad day

Eric is our newest driver in training. This is what happens if you hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. This 2007 Aveo5 is no longer pristine.

If the Aveo5 comes to an abrupt stop by passing all of its momentum to a 1999 Ford Ranger, then this is what it looks like.

We have a 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis. Someone took a joy ride in the car shown in the photo below and left it in a very undesirable condition. I do not know who did this.

My luck with automobiles has not been the best.


  1. Really?? Eric wrecked the Aveo?? Surely not. I'm guessing no one is hurt because you didn't mention it. Soooo sorry about the car!

  2. Brother Vance,
    When I called my hubby in to see your blog, he calmly suggested that I send a reply saying, "April Fools."

    I sure hope he is right, but if he's not...that is not nice to make me feel so sorry for your family.

    Have a happy April first. Let you not make fools out of too many people!

  3. Oh...You almost had me... until I saw your label, but by then I had already clicked to leave a comment..... You're a tricky man!!!!

  4. besides... Eric is still too young for Driver's Ed... isn't he?

  5. This isn't the first April you had me going, but you didn't get me this time.

    I remember one thinking I was going to have to come and visit you in jail. You really got me that time.

  6. It's too bad I just had Project Group yesterday with your wife and witnessed her spotless Aveo, or I may have been tricked. Oh, that and the fact that Eric's not even 14 yet!


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