Friday, April 4, 2008

Men and Women

Men and women are inherently different. Beyond the physiological differences that are obvious from the exterior appearances, the differences are much deeper. When children are young there are differences that appear as they grow. I don't know how much is learned difference versus inherent difference in some of their behaviors, but there are some distinctive differences that I have noticed over the years.

Men are generally driven by accomplishing a single objective at a given time. I have been told by those that are dear to me that I have a one track mind. I realize that this is true. I do have a one track mind. I only work on one thing at a given time. That does not mean that I have only one objective. I presume that other men are like me. I have witnessed that this is generally true from what I have observed.

Women are generally more driven by sentiments that are multitudinous. Women look for the underlying motive, even when there may not even be one. The why of the situation is important to women. It reminds me of the movie "My Fair Lady", where Eliza was singing her song "Henry Higgins".

A man will go to the store with the singular objective of buying an object and pay more than the value of the object to complete his task. A woman will go to the store and find a bargain that she does not need and buy it.

When our children were young it was obvious to us that boys and girls had different ways of playing with things and thought of things in a different way. It seems that the boys were doing things that were basically mechanical and the girls were doing things that were maternal. Boys played with cars and trucks and would run and compete. The girls would play with dolls and concentrate on things that dealt with feelings.

I have felt that the picture below was a perfect representation of the primary differences in men and women.


  1. What you are saying may be true, generally. I find that my feelings get in the way at times.

    One of the times that I really see a difference between my sweet wife and I is at the grocery store. If I go into the store with a list, I can get everything in very short order. Betty takes FOREVER reading each label and shelf.

    I see a difference when we make the bed too. I throw the covers up to cover the sheets and am satisfied that the job is done. She takes all the bedding off and carefully replaces each layer. It sleeps more comfortably when she is the one who makes the bed.

    When it's meal time, I am ok with a slice of balogna and a dallup of mayo on a couple slices of bread. She takes the time to make a well balanced meal that is lovely to look at. I always feel more satisfied when I eat what she has prepared than when I gobble down what I threw together.

  2. My sweet spouse is never allowed to grocery shop, as he always spends twice as much (brand names) and comes home having forgotten many essentials. Most men with whom I've been associated don't know how to live within a budget, especially when providing for the whole family. Knowing how to EARN the money is about where the financial prowess ends. For our family, I pay all our bills, have done our taxes for 11 years, and hate wasting money on restaurants. And yes, I do know how to shop for bargains, but I only buy what we really need, and I haven't bought clothes for myself since college. You may have an accurate description of most women of the world, but I don't have any close friends that fit into this stereotype you've carved out here.


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