Monday, April 28, 2008


It was fun to spend some time with the grandchildren.

Jeanette was excited that Leslie came to her and sat on her lap to have her read a story.

Bradly goes nonstop. Even when he is tired he goes and goes while he fusses.

Leslie likes Elmo. Bradly like Elmo too.

Julie, Brina, Leslie, and Bradly went with us to have lunch. It was fun to watch Bradly and Leslie dip their food in the sauces.

We spent the afternoon together. It was great.


  1. I love the second picture--the one with Jeanette and Leslie. You can see each of them looking into the other's face, trying to learn everything about the other person. Love--that's what it is.

    And Bradly has grown up so much. He's such a cute big boy--not a baby. It's great you all got to spend time with them.

  2. I did enjoy the time that I spent with my children and my grandchildren, and my in-laws. It was great.


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