Saturday, March 1, 2008

Two more merit badges

Eric is at the end of the road, almost. He is short two merit badges, both started, to finish the requirements for Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts of America. Wednesday we had a Court of Honor where Eric received his Camping Merit Badge. Now he only needs Personal Management, and Personal Fitness.

The 11 year old scouts prepared and conducted the Court of Honor. They did a fine job. Paul Romer made all the assignments. Michael Castanada conducted the meeting. Arthur conducted the flag ceremony. Anthony Bauman prepared the program. Michael Taylor provided refreshments. They also had a skit. I am quite proud that they put the whole program together with minimal input from me.

There was a large quantity of advancements awarded to the 11 year old scouts. There were 12 rank advancements for 5 boys. Between the 5 boys there were also about 10 merit badges (I did not count them).

Of course I have to thank Jeanette for being helpful in being a merit badge counselor and for her counseling to me and the boys. Thank you Jeanette.


  1. Yes, Thank you Jeanette. (for everything you do--even if you think no one knows you do it.)

  2. I'm so pleased with you for your effort in scouting. I worked in scouting for many years and know that if the boys succeed it is mostly because they have a lot of support and help from adults. Good work Eric. Being an eagle scout is a plus in your life. You are very special to me. All of you are special. Mom

  3. Go Eric!! Will you be the fourth Eagle scout? Did Julie and Anita and Debra participate in scouting too?

  4. I am hounding him on this so he will work on it. Hopefully that will have the effect I desire.


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