Saturday, March 1, 2008


Here is my second buddy, Craig. Here he is lying on the waterbed.

Craig was always a quiet and obedient boy. Here he is again holding his head up high as he looks out from under the blankets in the crib.

Jeanette and Craig were buddies.

Craig had another buddy. Arlo and Craig were inseparable for the first several years. We started to wonder what they were doing when things got really quiet.

The buddies used to go places in the wagon.

Craig was his mothers model son. He modeled clothing for his mother.

One trip we took to Colorado we visited the Sanddunes National Monument. Craig and Donnie had a little this for that. Craig set Donnie right in that he should be nice.

Craig was always a tough little tyke. Here he is with his Brave costume on after he made a visit to the emergency room. He and Arlo negotiated the possession of their mother's scissors. Craig lost.

There was another event that I remembered where Craig showed his persistence. He went with us to a garden plot where we were not far from a playground. Craig went off with his brother to play at the playground. Jeanette and I were busy pulling weeds in the garden and lookup up to see Craig sliding down the 20' slide. He slid down the slide to the bottom where he tumbled on the ground a few rolls and jumped up. He headed directly to the ladder on the slide again to slide down. We were running to the slide and did not get there before he went down the second time just to tumble at the bottom. Wheeee!

If you are to frost cookies you must sample the frosting.

Craig was riding his home made horse. Notice the small chair in the background. The 3 older boys had a chair like that.

Here Craig is posing in front of a real bookcase.

I think this makes 8 years.

When Craig was baptized by his father.

Go Craig, Go.

Craig liked to play soccer.

Notice the ribbon.

Craig also participated in Boy Scouts of America. He was awarded Eagle Scout rank.

Craig participated in band for several years. He played several different instruments. He was elected to all county band playing to tuba.

Craig had a dream of being one of the great sponsored roller-bladers. He practiced on this grinding rail that his dad and he made from a piece of 2" pipe.

Craig begged us to let him get a cat, Neko. He promised that he would care for the cat (and the dog, Scruffy), and that he would always take care of them.

Craig had another talent that few may know. He could place several grapes in his mouth. He seemed to take great pride in his big mouth.

After high school was out Craig held down two jobs to earn money to pay for his mission. He worked hauling garbage in the morning and then worked in a jewelry store in the afternoon.

After Craig returned from his mission in the West Indies, he went off to school at BYU. He got distracted there by a young woman, Brina Luna. Neko was not that important any more.

Grandma Cheshire called one day and indicated that Craig brought by a cute girl and told us we should probably get ready for a wedding. She was right.

Craig and Brina sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then come marriage, then comes Bradly in the baby carriage.

In the voice of Darth Vader quoting Larry

"Luke, I am your grandfather. Luke, reach out with your feelings. Luke, I love you. Luke, care for your mother and father."

Luke is due the end of May.

We love you Craig, Brina, Bradly, and Luke.


  1. Another Luke in the family! How special!

  2. That is an amazing picture of Luke. I love the name, too. Congratulations to all!

  3. I am excited for Craig and Brina, and Luke.

  4. I have enjoyed getting to know your family better and am looking forward to the rest of the children.
    Janet Long

  5. I have heard more about your family than I have in many years. I love the pictures. I have felt disconnected from all of you because we live so far apart. I love this blog. It brings me closer to all of you. You are my jewels. Grandma Gatha.

  6. Craig, Betty and I miss you since you have grown up and moved away. Seein all of the pictures takes me back. There have been a lot of pleasant memories.

    We really appreciated it when we would visit and all of you would catch us up on what was happening in your lives. We miss that very much.

    I know that you will be a good Dad.

  7. I am not sure that Craig reads this. He may not even know what I have said about him.


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