Sunday, March 2, 2008

Only 83% left

This year is flying past. Two months down. 1/6th over. I have managed to fill some time with blogging. It is fun to read what others are doing and to share what is happening with us.

Debra has been accepted to BYU Idaho.

Eric is working on his last two merit badges for rank of Eagle Scout.

Jeanette stays busy with seminary and doing for the family.

Jeanette and Debra are leaving Thursday to go to New York for 5 days. That will leave Eric and me here at home.

We have been planning on going to the family reunion in Utah in June.

Jeanette and I are planning on going to Utah for a couple days in April when Craig and Arlo go through commencement exercises at BYU.

We are excited for Craig and Brina as they prepare to have their second child.

Debra will graduate from Midway High School this year.

Gray has 2000 miles+ now. That is what our new car has been nick-named. Gray.

Soon the year will be half over and it will be time to plan for the end of the year.

My how fun time is when you are having flies. -- Kermit


  1. What's happening in New York? I have always wanted to go there to a broadway musical and to see Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty.

  2. Debra is singing in a choir that is going to New York for a concert. Jeanette is going along as an escort.

    I will be baching it with Eric.

  3. I'm anxious to hear all about Debra's trip.

    I remember once when Mom went to October conference and Dad cooked for us. He made buiscuits that even the dog wouldn't eat.

  4. While they were out of town I did the cooking. Things were pretty much normal. We even did the dishes a couple times. Last Sunday we had pot roast and vegetables. It was edible. I had pot roast leftovers for lunch a couple times.

    My internal clock is still adjusting due to the daylight saving time (I hate it) change and having to take the ladies to the school at 4am and then having to pick them up at midnight.


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