Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some favorite art

Some may not think that a waterbed is art, but I do. The Vance sign on the footboard was hand carved. There were some blunders in cutting the pieces to make the head, but I used the pieces anyway. I still need to put corner protectors on the sideboards. I also need to put handles on the doors on my side of the bed. I got discouraged when I made some mistakes and gave up. I could make it better, but I didn't

Here I am trying out the crib. It was a little short. The drawers underneath were on roller glides and the spindles were all square sections. I turned the posts on a small lathe at BYU's craft shop. The sideboard that is short had a panel that was hinged to match the height of the back.

I designed and created several woodworking projects. These are two of many. I have learned a lot about what I like and don't like as time has gone forward.

This project by Eric, is representative of the projects that all of the boys have done when they were Cub scout age.

It was a little difficult to get a good picture of this mirror. I made the frame, engraved the glass, and cut the mirror and spacers that went into the frame. The mirror behind gives this a three dimensional effect. I still like this piece quite a lot. It does not make a good mirror, unless you don't really want to see yourself.

I made this piece and gave it away. I have done that with a large number of the welded art I have created. Some of this type of art is outside rusting away or up in the attic. I still like to make these kinds of things, but do not do them much because I am getting lazy.

Julie is the grand master of this lighthouse. She had to create some electrical circuits for a class in school. This had switches, lights in series, and lights in parallel. I do not remember too many of the details, but Julie made this from foam filled chartboard. I think that it is no more.

I made this little "chopper" for man I home taught. It had rolling wheels, and a functional fork. It was rugged enough to hold up a person. Maybe I should have put pedals on the back wheel.

This is a Debra orignal. I like this quite a lot. Debra says she does not like it. Somebody else must have liked it. She received a ribbon from HOT fair.

A quilt. I just liked the picture. I presume it is one that Jeanette made. I also presume it is the one that went to Betty Vance. I was not too involved with doing quilts with Jeanette. I did make her some quilting stands. I made a small contribution.

Here again, Debra shows here prowess in competition. I looked at the other displays that were awarded higher awards than hers and I would have moved her up in the competition. I am not biased, just a good judge.

This is one of my pieces. I made this while i was in college for a class. The instructor had me change some things in the picture. I don't like the changes, but I do generally like the painting.

Jeanette has painted one picture -- ONE. It looks to me that she should do some more.

Another piece of Debra's. A lamp that reminds me that we need to keep oil in our lamps. Thank you Debra.

Gatha gave us this picture in the years gone.

This is one of the pieces that Arlo has created. This is not my favorite, but I like this one. I really like the old man. I will post that one at a later date.

There is more, but I opted to post only enough to fill a couple vertical feet.


  1. Now that's a sturdy crib!

  2. I used to have a piece of Larry's that was made from horse shoes. It was a the drummer, fife player and flag bearer. I loved the way he took inaminate objects and crafted them into something tha had action and movement.

    I recognize the quilt as one that is on Betty's bed, or exactly like. We enjoy Jeanette's needlework.

    I lke Arlo's clown, but Arlo looks so serious!!

  3. I love all your art work, but the one dearest to my heart is the quilt. It was made with lots of love and hard work. It is on our bed and I sure enjoy it.
    I love Arlo's clown and the liahona and the light house.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Look at the specil talent with Debra with her ribbons and all!
    Beautiful work, Debra.
    Keep up the GREAT work!
    We love you!

  5. Now that baby crib sure has a cute baby in it!
    Wonder how old she is?

  6. Guess I better get some of my pictures out and share.

  7. I wish at times that we still had the crib. We disposed of it when we left Utah. I don't remember how we dispossessed it, but we did.

    The crib was constructed of solid wood and plywood. The solid wood was from pallets and scraps at Wright's Furniture Mill. I worked there for a few years while I was in college.

    It was sturdy. Too sturdy.

  8. @Kent,

    I have a piece out on the front steps that is the same arrangement that you mention, the pfeiff, the drummer, and the standard bearer.


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