Thursday, February 28, 2008

A sign of the times

One of the signs of the times is where the toilet seat is positioned in the bathroom. Several years ago I went with Jeanette to an improve your marriage class at the church. There were many suggestions as to what the man could do to make things nicer for the woman. There were suggestions as to what the woman could do to make things better for the man. One of the subjects that came up was the position of the toilet seat.

One day at work I noticed that somebody had posted a chart of things that nice people do. One of the many listed things was to leave the toilet seat down. I took a little piece of sticky note and covered the down with an up. Somebody went ballistic and made sure that everybody know that it was not nice to modify her chart. So much for nice.

The struggle goes on. Do you leave the toilet seat in position 1, position 2, or position 3.

  1. lid down
  2. seat down
  3. seat up

3. Seat up

2. Seat down

1. Lid down

Jeanette and I have gotten to the point where we do try to accommodate the other by anticipating who will need the throne next. If the seat is down when I start I usually return it to the down position.

I am having trouble with the other position (position 1) where everybody has to make an adjustment first.

Is it a conspiracy?

Where do you leave the seat?


  1. In order to prevent items falling into the toilet, we keep the lid down.

  2. In order to keep my sweetheart from falling in, we keep the seat down.

  3. I keep the lid down more for sanitary reasons...

  4. If you keep the lid down then how can that be productive?


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