Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Valentine

We went to BYU
I tell you it is true;

We met at the Planetarium
I wanted to get to know her some;

We went out on a Date
We did not stay out late:

She told me to Wait
She no longer wanted to date;

Then we had another Date
I thought she would be my mate;

We visited Temple Square
I tried to pop the question there;

And later was a Ring
Sure was an expensive small thing;

Then we set a Date
I am glad we were not late;

And then we had to Wait
For that special date;

We met our extended Family
Named Vance and Cheshire, see;

And we had a Wedding
We were given bedding;

We lived in a small Trailer
It was a a very small trailer;

While we both went to School
We were poor as a rule;

Where we were blessed with a Son
We thought he was the golden one;

Before Jeanette's Graduation
We endured tribulation;

After which we had a Son
This one was the second one;

And then we had another Son
The three of them so much fun;

We were pleased with a Daughter
Four fun children and bath water;

And finally Larry's Graduation
Gave us a firm foundation;

I found a far off Job
Our extended family did rob;

Where we had another Daughter
We loved our redhead daughter;

Then I did change my Job
To live a again near the mob;

We had our last Daughter
Now a beef we had to slaughter eat;

We finally bought a House
I bought it for my beloved spouse;

After which we had Son
This son was our last one;

Our life together is not Done
May we have decades more fun;

Now they are grown and leaving
We are somewhat bereaving;

Looking to the next generation
Gives up hope for this great nation;

Grandma and I are yearning
To see our offspring learning;

My valentine, I love her you see
She is my valentine -- for eternity.


  1. You two are such an inspiration to me. I love you both very dearly.

  2. What goes around comes around.


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