Monday, February 11, 2008

Debra's Toe

Last summer Debra went to Magna Utah to stay with her sister Julie. We loaded up her things in the car and drove to Utah and delivered her. She found a job and settled in for her stay.

We left to go home (without Debra).

One day we received a frantic call that Debra had cut off her toe. She did it with a food processor!

We had to figure for a while how that was possible.

Debra was helping in the kitchen and was preparing some "I don't know" for Leslie. She poured the stuff and did not remove the blade. Due to the mutual attraction of two masses, one being the earth, the other being the food processor blade; the blade accelerated toward the center of the earth and intersected the location where Debra was currently holding her pointer toe on her left foot. The toe was not severed, but merely severely damaged. (See below)

Debra left the mess for somebody else to clean up. Just like a teenager.

She claims she was in shock.

Once again we see that Debra is trying to conceal her toe, just like she does her face when I try to take a picture.

How do you like the new footwear style Debra created?

What shall we call the new footwear style?

Lately I have seen Debra using GIMP. GIMP is a Photoshop like computer program that you can use to edit pictures. I see the picture below and think that that toe does not look natural. Did she modify the picture for ulterior motives?

I have heard it said that time heals.

Bruce was concerned about Debra and is licking her toe.

Eric can tell you about Bruce some time. I am glad that Debra still has her toe and that it is mostly normal. Nice stitches Debra.


  1. Debra did not cut off her toe!! I know, I was there. Not to diminish the pain but there wasn't even that much blood; and I think I was the one who cleaned it up. Of course, I was the one who asked her use the food processor. She was helping me make baby food for Leslie.

  2. I knew it. I knew it! Debra did not cut off her toe. What did I say? Didn't I say it was just a setup?

    How did Leslie like the "I don't know"?


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