Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our White Board

The whiteboard in the family room is a center that on occasions garners attention from more than just those in our family, such as the image below shows after we had "Pie Night" this year. Usually though, the white board is used for messages and Family Home Evening.

On nights that we have family home evening it is common for us to use our white board for lesson notes and to capture the essence of the material presented. We also use the board for playing games.



  1. Hey, that is kinda pretty, I like it. It looks like there are some eyes in there looking upon me.

    Did you do that, Larry?

    What exactly is it? I think it is just "something", but it is pretty and I like the choice of color.

    I remember when we were there on one of your "pie nights" and it was a lot of fun.

    Oh! your board drawing is SLORGY, good name.

  2. Debra is our little artist. She is the one who put Slorgy on the WOWO board. The lower picture is something that Debra did on the WOWO board in her room.

    Slorgy is a Debra original. I would like to see some of her art work put up here. She has won a couple prizes in her competitions at the HOT Fair (Heart of Texas). I like her work. Well, most of it.


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