Tuesday, January 29, 2008


One thing that I did in the past that I no longer seek to do is play tag. I remember on nights when we had an activity for family home evening we would go outside and play tag. There were a few different flavors of tag we would play. We would play missionary tag, freeze tag, or just plain ol' tag.

I remember when I was it and the kids were running from me. I would choose one of the other family members and pursue that person with resolve to catch that person. I would pursue until the tag was made. I was afraid. I was sure that some day I would run over one of them and that one would be damaged beyond repair. The kids could stop and turn in a much shorter distance than I could, and sometimes my momentum of the chase would push me into a near wipeout.

I am glad that I did not fall. I envisioned a child that was laying on the ground with a much broader girth and flattened to the ground. Kinda like when in the cartoons a steam roller runs over the cat that rolls up like a window shade.

Last year the group of scouts that I was leading participated in the Texas State Technical Colege merit badge fair. We camped out in the fields that are near the campus and used some schoolrooms for the classes. The evening before the classes we set up our tents and had a little time to play. We played tag. Parker Jacobson was surprised that I could catch him.

One of the comments that I overheard: "Wow, Brother Vance can run fast!"


  1. Did you scare others besides yourself when you played tag?

    I remember one time when you took off after Scott Milligan outside of church. I, too, was surprised at your speed and scared what might happen if you lost your balance.

  2. What's with the picture of me all banged up?

  3. Julie,
    That was the picture of you after the accident that your mother had in Greenville Texas in the 1962 Ford Galaxy. I was looking for another picture of somebody that was crying and down on the ground, but this is the best I found.


  4. I used to think I could run pretty fast until one day Clint said "mom I can beat you in a race with me running backwards" I took the challenge and unfortunately, he was right. Of course he was a teen ager and in his prime and I was his old mom! Glad some one can still run and play tag.

  5. It is amazing what difference just a year can make. I am even reluctant to run now.


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