Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mild Persecution

As I served on my miission in Argentina I had the occasion to be the target of mild persecution. It was a normal day in Rafaela. We were leaving the apartment and heading for the area we had chosen for the day and we overheard the taunting down the street calling us "HUEVOS". We had started the tack of going to talk to the perpetrator.

As we would walk toward the place where the taunting originated they would run away. (I would post a picture, but all my pictures did not make it home.) This sequence of events would repeat themselves frequently. Occasionally we would talk with one of those that was at the place of the taunting. They would deny having said anything and be friendly and cordial. We would leave and soon we would hear in the distance -- "HUEVOS".

I am glad that I have never had to put up with the persecution experienced by the "politicos" in Argentina or the Mormons in the midwest.

Sometimes I am still the target of some of that mild persecution. I have had people at work alude to polygamy and imply that because of my religion I was inclined to the same. I have also had people imply that I was less than inteligent for having accepted heretical beliefs. I don't like being called a heretic.

I wonder how Christians come to the conclusion that I am not Christian and then treat me in such an unChristian way and call me the heretic. Go figure.

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