Monday, January 28, 2008


One thing that our family has done since we were married is to have a regular Family Home Evening (FHE). Early on we divided up the responsibilites for the various tasks. One person would give the lesson (as Julie is above), one the opening prayer, one the scripture, one the activity, and so forth.

One of the responsibilities that was rotated around the family was conducting for the week. Whomever was conducting would have the privilege of asking those present at prayer times to give a prayer. There were occasions when we would hear "I am in charge!".

The past few days we have been going through some of our old photographs because Jeanette has had them scanned into digital media. It has been fun to look at the pictures and remember back on some of the good times we had as a family.

There was the time that we made torches from cattails.

And sometimes we would do something for an activity that would take up the whole time for FHE. We would go to concerts or maybe some activity specifically for FHE, like bowling.

There was even the time when we made a cart from bicycle wheels, loaded up wares for two days, and headed on a ten mile trek. Our family struggled with the cart. It did not fare well. We pulled off the road to the Rio Grande and a tire went PSSSSSSSSST flat. My brother Kent had our old van and brought it to us.

We cooked out and played in the river. We loaded things in the van and left instead of going on the reverse 10 mile trek.


  1. Hi, I love the picture of Julie, she is as cute now as she was then. You guys look like you did some fun things, that trek picture and story was amazing.

  2. I think she was cuter when she was younger, except when she rolled her eyes up.

    She is pretty now. She was cute then.


    I used the word.


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