Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MY Shop

We have 2 2-car garages. We park the cars out in the weather. One garage is our storage shed and the other is my shop.

I know my shop is a mess, but it is mine (well it is probably really the banks)

I have a plethora of unique items that have sentimntal value.

  1. Hand planes
    1. Block plane
    2. Smoothing plane
    3. Jack plane
    4. Dado plane
  2. Storage box (orange and old)
  3. Mitre saw and frame
  4. Numerous combination wrenches
  5. Crosscut saw
  6. Keyhole saw
  7. Ball/ping hammers
  8. 4 pound sledge hammer
They all have a marking on them of AV. They were my fathers, and I remember most of them from when I spent time at the gas station with dad.

I also have some new and abused equipment.
  1. A drill press with a broken press collar (I sill use it anyway since the collar is now glued on)
  2. A table saw that the drive pulley wabbles and walkes off the shaft
  3. An 18" bandsaw (that works fairly well)
  4. An old junker lathe that the motor starter does not work so you have to hand start it
  5. A wirefeed welder
  6. An oxyacetylene torch
  7. A concrete mixer

And I have a large welding table on casters (too heavy and the casters are too small diameter)

The pressure washer died yesterday :^(

I have a box full of hand tools that I phenagled from Brian. I should give them back to him some day. I have three boxes of drill bits of various sizes and qualities. There are numerous other lillte (and big) items, like screws and bolts and rods and pipes and bars.

I have not been using my shop nearly as much as I should or should want to use it.

I have made a few things while we have lived here.

  1. Hall table
  2. Couch table
  3. Frame for bathroom stool
  4. Cradle
  5. 4 smokers (one mine)
  6. Some wood boxes
  7. Another hall table
  8. A trunk
  9. Handcarts
  10. Firewood


  1. I'm guessing you're not going to be bored after retirement. I'm impressed, but I bet I'd be even more impressed if I knew what half of your listed tools were. Making things is a lost art--glad to see you're keeping it alive!

    Unless Jeanette is begging for one, I'd give up on the waterbed. I think they are kind of creepy.

  2. It does not do me much good now. I use it not nearly enough. I should be in the process of finishing up the projects that have been started over the years.


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