Wednesday, January 9, 2008

DAD-isms! What are they?

On the side bar to this blog you will see DAD-isms. If you are wondering, or not, what they are I'm here to tell you. These are things Larry has said to us as a family to encourage, joke, have fun or to teach us. I find memebers of the family using them or remembering them during times of need. Keep an eye for updates since the list will grow as memories improve. I hope you will read them one at a time, savor the message, and see how Dadisms can make a difference in your life. Jeanette


  1. I've noticed the growing list. Some of them I can actually hear Bro. Vance saying! You'll have to explain the "Try 8." Keep 'em coming. They are fun to read.

  2. Try 8
    Originally from the movie "Little Rascals" was a Craig-ism that was atributed to me because I had to emulate Craig because I miss him so much.


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