Saturday, January 12, 2008

Eagle Project

I'm Eric, Larry's son, and lately I've been working on my Eagle Project, which is a project that Life Scouts have to organize and carry out in order to earn their Eagle Scout rank. For my Eagle Project I did a book drive for Kids and Company, which is a company supported by The United Way that provides daycare and after-school for children ages three through eleven. During the course of this book drive over 3000 books were donated to Kids and Company. Although I've already completed the book drive, I need to get some signatures and have a board of review.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I'll give you my signature if that would help. I'm not anybody famous, but sometimes if I take my time I have pretty handwriting. :)

    Great job on the book drive, Eric! I hope they appreciate your great success.

  2. Eric called and left a message for Leesa about getting a signature. He received his signature from Brother Hansen.

  3. Eric has all the necessary signatures to turn in his application now. He needs two merit badges: personal fitness, and personal management.


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