Saturday, February 2, 2008

Buying Gone Rampant

The past couple months has seen us helping the economy remain strong. With Christmas, birthdays, impulses, and other motivators, I have managed to spend my children's inheritance before they could have any of it.

Christmas came and went and the gifts may still need to be employed. That is definitely not true for the wii. Eric has manged to get gold medals on most of the wii-play game ratings. More than one of us has ended with sore muscles.

But Eric still needs to get on his wheeled horse. The tags are still on it.

Hopefully some of us are now cutting up.

While others may be trying to figure out how to benefit from the Apple dominated world of personal music.

Dad now has a new 'puter to putter with. He still knows all the words @#$!!

For a while we had been talking about getting a commuter vehicle. I had some stock that I bought through our employee stock purchase plan, and as I am, I cannot let money just lie around. So we went to the Chevrolet dealer and secured through the exchange of cash for a Aveo 5. Much different than the Grand Marquis.

Debra and Jeanette are going to go to New York with the choir. Debra as a choir member and Jeanette as a chaperon. As you can guess, they are not going to walk to get there.

With the grandkids photos, and science projects, and reductions in price, we were induced to purchase a color laser printer.

And then our pressure washer died.

Then we are planning to go visit our boys Arlo and Craig when they go through commencement exercises for their expenditures of time and resources at BYU.

Still we decided to have a cow. In processed form. Well -- half a cow.

Then for Debra's birthday she needed someway to carry her belongings in New York.

Just last week I gave up on that pair of shoes that I had grown to like so much. I bought those shoes when I was in Provo one time. The selvages were broken, the sides were cracked, and the insides were getting rather tattered. Time to get a new set of shoes, one for me, and two for Jeanette.

So you see, we have been making our contribution to the economy.


  1. I am hungry right now. I have been waiting for the round steak to be cooked that Jeanette is preparing. It is economical to buy beef in larger quantities. We get a plethora of variety. Our freezer is now satisfied with a bit of beef. We will be satisfied in the future. It takes about a year to consume the whole half.

  2. Now I am not hungry. I had some round steak that was prepared to near perfection. The butcher was supposed to tenderize the meat, but did not. He was also supposed to remove the bone.

    I am thankful that Jeanette is so skilled at flavoring and preparing such a cut.

    She has very good meat preparing skills.

  3. I've always known that Jeanette had a lot of talents, but I never related them to the kitchen. She's an even better woman than I thought she was. You're lucky to have her.

    Thanks for educating me on the benefits of buying half a cow. I've never seen it in the meat aisle at Walmart, so I didn't know.

  4. If you wish to purchase beef in more than a meager quantity of a few pounds it is recommended that you go to a specialty shop for the purchase. We have frequented two shops here in the Waco area. We currently are purchasing from the Waco Custom Meats on Lake Air. For the price of hamburger you can get some decent cuts too. Of course you will need a supersized freezer in which to store the beef as you attempt to eat the whole half.


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