Thursday, January 3, 2008

I am starting to feel my age

Last night was time for personal fitness work for the 11 year old scouts. Phillip Moore was generous enough to come and work with the boys to do their fitness test and I was foolish enough to think that I could go along with them.

The 9 minute walk/run was the first nick in my armor. Paul Romer was able to turn in a 9 minute mile where I had to stop and walk. Nathanial Hodson was right in there too. After recovering from the asthmatic feelings in their lungs it was time to move on to the next test.

Most of us are quite challenged when it comes to doing pullups. Arthur strained to get one pullup. Phillip did a couple, but Paul Romer one more time was the champion by doing, I believe it was, 9 pullups.

It was time to do pushups. I decided to play along. After 20 pushups my right shoulder began to hurt and I gave up. One more time Paul was the champion with 30 pushups. But wait! Phillip had to do a couple one arm pushups.

Get to work boys. Take your progress tests each other week.


  1. Last week I jogged/walked around the block on two separate days. I told Paul Ivan that I had a goal to run a faster mile than he does.

    I haven't trained since.

  2. How host the program of exercise been going Paul?


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