Monday, January 14, 2008

Who Am I?

To service Automobiles
I did change Batteries
In all brands of Cars
I did it for the Dollars
I would fix their El Dorado
I spent the day pumping Fuel
They would visit the Garage
To get things from the Hired Help
I would fix your Ignition
I would help you fix yourJunk
First you give me your Key
I would inspect your Lights
And then I tune your Motor
My brother bought a Nash
I would save the old Oil
But now I have my Planes
Goodbye to the Quadrajet
I changed a lot of Rubber
That was on Steel belts
They are called Tires
That fit on Underside
I adjusted your Valves
I rotated your Wheels
So you could see the Xenon
In your land Yaught
With bolts covered in Zinc


  1. Didn't Brother Vance's dad own a gas station? Perhaps it's Grandpa Vance?

  2. I have to say
    there is a way
    If you read
    you will see,
    give it a try
    and by and by
    you will know
    the star of the show

    I like to play
    every work day
    could it really be
    that points to me
    yes it is I
    that I did ply
    Yes I know
    and I can show
    that it is true
    It was my malibu

  3. Sounds awfully familiar for Larry, for his Dad, and for his brothers.

  4. You see,
    it was me.

    It was I,
    I do not lie.

    Oh my, oh no,
    It is truly so.

    It is true,
    and I tell you.

    You see,
    It was ME.


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