Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dinner Group

Jeanette and I (Larry) started a dinner group with Larry and Diane, Larry and Margie, and Larry and Annette.

The way this works is we each take a turn at being host. Our turn was Saturday a couple weeks ago.

We ate well. We had steak (filet mignon), brocoli, grilled sausage, olives (greek), olives (stuffed with jalepenos), olives (black), salad, cranberry juice cocktail, and some cheesecake.

We broke out the china and sat in the dining room.

I think everybody had their fill. It was nice to sit around and talk a bit. We eventually made it into the living room and sat around and related life experiences.

Our next visit will be at Larry's. I just have to remember which one.


  1. How fun! I remember back in the day when you'd allow other men not named Larry into your group.

    Without the Whaley's, you could be the "3L's from L3" dinner group. Some people ruin all the fun.

  2. I was thinking that maybe we could have a dinner group with the members of the Bishopric, but they may be too busy. Time will tell. That would be months from now.


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