Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pictures of Leslie Long

Here are some pictures of my Leslie.
This is Leslie at four months old.

Leslie at 7 mo.
Pickle-face Leslie. I gave her a pickle just to see what she would do. She sucked it right in and refused to let it go. It hasn't happened since.
During the summer we would go to a place that had trees and grass and just enjoy being outside. This is from one of those days.

I was being silly during bath time and got a snap of it. Her hair doesn't do this any more; it is too long.

I made two kinds of cupcakes for Leslie's birthday and she didn't want either one of them. She touched the frosting once and then cringed back.
Leslie loves her pasta!! She is always ready to dig right in. Her dad hates it when she does this because it is so messy.


  1. These are all great. Thanks for sharing. Graham crackers are messy too. Love ya, JCV

  2. Four words: A door a bull. Seriously!

  3. I am looking for some photos of Julie to post so we can compare.

  4. Thank you for sharing. This is the first time we've really seen Leslie. Enjoy her... She won't be little for long.

  5. I guess it is the Long in me, but I am with Clint on this one. Pasta is fine, maybe with butter no red sauce! Cute pictures of Leslie. She is a sweet baby girl, we need to get together again my boys miss holding her.
    Jenny (Clint's Sister)

  6. The pictures of Leslie are great. This is the first time that I have seen pictures of her. I have one that was sent to me when she was born. She is a beautiful child. I hope to see her sometime. Grandma Gatha

  7. Gatha,

    I will send you a DVD with pictures on it. There is a plethora of pictures of Bradly and Leslie.

    We have been digitizing our photographs. We still have some more to do, but it is fun to have them on the computer. I have been indexing the pictures by person, places, events, items, etcetera.


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