Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

In the morning we slept in, not like in years past.

It was 8am before we arose. This was not because we stayed up late or did anything that was not customary. We had our family home evening in the living room where the tree and presents were placed. This year Santa put most all the gifts under the tree wrapped. We read from the Bible about the birth of the Lord Jesus and the circumstances that surrounded his birth. We then opened a gift each. The snack for Santa was set out, olives and cheese with a cup of cranberry cocktail. We put out the one gift that was not wrapped, a bicycle, and retired to bed by 10am.

Breakfast was as usual. We spent some of the time in the morning setting up a new arrangement of the study so as to make room for the new Wii. Now our time is ocupied with watching some of the classical movies that were from Santa and playing with the Wii.

Our Christmas dinner was a grand feast indeed. We had a fine turkey, mashed potatoes, olives, sweet potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn, and a fine drink with cranberry juice. It has been nice to send time together and feast.

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