Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beef Stew

Eric has been working on his Eagle Scout requirements. He lacks 3 merit badges in order to satisfy the requirements. Camping, personal managment, and persronal fitness are the last three merit badges he needs.

In order to help with the camping mert badge we, Larry, Jeanette, Debra, and Eric went camping near Lake Whitney.

The stew was just wonderful. A few strips of bacon, some stew meat, potatoes, stewed tomatoes, carrots, onions, and some heat did the trick. Everybody had their fill.

It was cold. During the night it rained. Jeanette got up and went to sleep in the car for a couple hours.

Eric finally got to shoot his .22 pellet rifle. We all had a turn shooting at a poor piece of paper. We noticed a couple beer cans as we walked out to where we were shooting. It is amusing how the beer cans were easier to hit than the paper target.

Eric also earned his cooking merit badge on this campout.

Way to go Eric.

Now we are back home and need to clean up the wet items from the campout. That activity will compete with the Wii.

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