Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to All

The past year has flashed by. Our family is scattered across three states. I wish we were closer so we could see more of each other.

Larry is the 11 year old scout leader in our ward. He was the family history center director and scoutmaster until recently. He still is the ward web site administrator.

Last year at work he joined the new Toastmaster's club that was started. He was elected to the office of Seargent at Arms. He is working on his eighth speech and is doing the web site. Our club started out pretty strong, but started to wane. We have a diverse group that participate in Toastmasters.

Work has been a challenge the past year. I was the manager over a group of ~10 people but have now been asked to head up an Internal Research and Development project related to composite materials design and analysis and work on methods for analysis. I still have 4 projects that I am responsible to manage, but that will diminish as the projects come to an end.

Jeanette says Merry Christmas from the balmhy breezes of Texas. It has been rather warm here.

Arlo is still in school.

Craig, Brina, and Bradly are too far away.

Brian is still in Littleton.

Julie, Clint, and Leslie are too far away.

Anita is in Salt Lake City.

Debra finished her junior year in high school. She spent the summer in Magna, Utah and worked at Smith's Food and Drug. Debra attended EFY in Idaho. Eric is still shorter than Debra. Debra is studying Kempo with Brother Owens at the church on Wednesday nights before youth activities. Debra is planning on going to New York for choir. Jeanette and Debra are going together. Debra is a tutor in math for an 8th grade boy.

Eric is in the 8th grade. Eric has a moose named Bruce. Eric has completed the work on his project for the rank of Eagle Scout but needs to have a scoutmaster conference and finish a couple more merit badges. Eric is working on a science project to investigate if capping your toothbrush promotes or inhibits the growth of bacteria. Eric is almost as tall as Debra -- measured daily.

Eric's favorite family gift of Christmas was the... Wii!!!!!!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too. Two quick things: 1-I remember attending a Toastmasters event with my Dad when I was a little girl. I remember it being fancy-schmancy, but that's about it. Good to see it's alive and well. 2--I LOVE the science experiment. Please post your conclusions!

  2. Eric still owes you the results from his project.


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